Today we learned about eco-poetry.  How it is about our connection with the earth, how our earth is vanishing due to our actions.  We were told to think of the place we love, but just think.  The place I love is far, but some were closer.  Close almost as to touch.  But keep your hand steady.  Don’t touch, just think.  So we thought, then down to the river and dragged back up.  Continuing to talk of the outdoors, our connection with nature.  But blocked we are by a thin sheet of glass and plaster thick as the mud we could feel between our toes.  But no, just think.


Trapped in the

open.  Screaming but


Run. Ran.

If I look at my hands now

am I different?

No. I am the same.

Same color, same person, but


Free. I am free.

I ran and ran back,

my feet making waves,

leaving ripples of

hope in my people.

Freedom riding the

ripples to the far away farms.

Freedom pushing my feet

to create waves.

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